Bay Area Painter and Illustrator.
I would describe my style as dark, meticulous, intimate, and whimsical with a thick black outline.
Gouache, ink, graphite and acrylic on heavy paper are my favorite materials.
I am inspired by strong women, math equations, religious shrines, Art History, Halloween, and horror movies.
Emotions and anxieties are represented by the tiny creatures in my work on a very personal level, but often connect and relate to patterns in the macrocosm.
The cockroaches found in many of my pieces are a metaphor for resilience, persistence, and repetition (because you know they always come back!) Their fascinating indestructible exoskeletons help me convey frustrations of reoccurring obstacles, and what growth might come from that.
(fun bit: Victoria the Waitress is my alter ego from my waitressing and bartending days)

Thank you so much for reading!


lesge lil helper

Ledge the wonder dog!