Can I get your art tattooed on me?

I am totally honored you connected with my work. Thank you!

Please support my art by purchasing a print or by tipping me through the

Tattoo Token/Tip option below, securely with PayPal.

PLEASE READ: A Tattoo Token is a way to compensate me for using my work. It is not a physical item, nothing is physically shipped or emailed to you except a purchase receipt. The purchase receipt acts as permission to reference my artwork for a tattoo. This is meant for people requesting permission to use my artwork for their tattoo. Permission is for single use tattoo reference of any pieces I have posted on social media.

A tattoo token does not include any commercial rights – meaning my designs may not be reproduced in any format, including flash sheets. Tattoo tokens are exclusively for personal /single use.


Thank you so much for supporting my work!

I would love to see a tattoo pic! If you are comfortable posting your tattoo on social media please tag or mention me.

Instagram @maryesthermunoz

TikTok @anxietyfeast

Where Can I purchase your work?

I have two online shops:


Society6 – Prints

What materials do you use?

Liquitex acylics and gouache

Arteza and Trekell brushes

Strathmore paper

Alvin draft/matic pencil

Do you take commissions?

Commissions are currently closed.

Please still feel free to read the process below, so you know what to expect if you decide to get a commission when slots reopen.

What is the commission process/What can I expect?

Please email me the following:

  • Your concept (it is also really helpful to me to know which piece(s) of mine stood out to you)
  • Color or B&W, please specify. And if color, please list some of your favorites.
  • Size (ex: 5×7″ 8×10″ 9×12″ or custom)
  • Timeframe (preferred completion date if any, or no rush)                             

I will let you know within 3-5 days if I can take on the project, and will give you a ballpark of pricing. 

Deposit: Half of project fee is due

Consultation: Depending on the detail of your piece, a phone consultation may be recommended.

Concept sketch: You will be sent a pic of a loose graphite sketch or an arrangement I have made in Photoshop. This is to determine the composition of the piece. Feedback on the sketch is encouraged, I want to arrive at something you really like. I’ll make tweaks to the sketch based on your feedback and send a second pic. With your approval, I’ll begin the final, and have an estimated date of completion for you. The concept sketch stage is capped at two, I am happy to do a third or forth concept sketch, but an additional charge will be applied.

Progress Shot: I will send a progress shot of the final; only super minute adjustments may be requested at this point, if any. Major changes will require an additional charge. If you wish to be more involved in the process than this, or add more details than originally stated, an additional charge will be applied.

Final: I require the remaining payment before shipment. The original will be shipped with tracking and insurance (and signature required upon request). Shipping charges vary depending on location.